Ayubowan !

YAKA travels was established to offers an amazing experience for the visitors to Sri Lanka from any part of the world. We as travel facilitator thoroughly dedicated to provide the best holiday experience throughout your stay. Team Yaka Travels is occupied with experienced & trained Travel Guides, Translators, Travel consultants & experienced Drivers and so on. We make sure to deliver customized and personalized service regardless of your traveling purpose at any given time. We will be doing Hotel Reservation, Luxury Transport Arrangements, Event Arrangements upon our customers request. Along with all luxury vehicles, passengers are been insured. Yaka Travels will assist you in customizing your journey as Sri Lanka is having numerous destinations. We as a team consider client satisfaction as our foremost priority and we go out of the way to ensure that. Although our company is relatively new, we have obtained Sri Lanka Tourist Board Approval to handle all destination management services.

Tailor Made Tours

Our Tailor-Made Tours are designed to suit your budget & other expectations. Customer can send us the details or less the parameters to design their travel itineraries where we would offer the best fit destinations. We will make sure that customer experience the rich island culture & natural heritage with adventures activities in Sri Lanka.

Customize Tour
Free Individual Travelers (FIT)

Yaka Travels will support & guide the customer in Free Individual Travelers package for the individuals, couples & small groups who are willing to design their own itineraries. Specially, customers will not follow any schedule imposed by others. FIT plans will be arranged for millennials to retirees. And also, we can arrange custom sightseeing with a private tour guide & give the guidance on getting experience in local food, architecture, history, and culture; even hook you up with knowledgeable local representatives.

Wild life Tours

Since Sri Lanka is having different climate conditions; the wild life of the island is been diversified. We as Yaka Travelers offer custom made wild life experience tours where it will cover vivid range of Endemic Species. It include various types of animals such as Mammalia, Aves, Reptiles, Amphibia, Actinopterygii, Gastropoda, Insect and so on. Specially, Tours will be arranged where the customer would be able to experience local bears, leopard in their natural habits. And again, Yaka Travels will make sure that customer would be able to observe & interact with local animals & plants in their natural habitats.

mice Meeting Incentive Conference tour
MICE Tours (Meeting Incentive Conference & Exhibition tours)

We will be planning, booking, and facilitating Meeting Incentive Conference & Exhibition Tours (MICE) on behalf of the customer for the best rates base on the requirements. Custom made food, drinks, shopping, entertainment, transport, accommodation will be provided, and Customer will be informed on statutory requirement in advance. Base on the prerequisite in relation to MICE activities, a hotel plays different roles depending on its facilities and the size of the MICE event.

City Tours

This island is enriched with historical cities such as Colombo, Galle, Negambo & etc. Our expert guides will lead customers in identifying significant architectural values of these cities where they will experience the historical values. Yaka travels will arrange Hotel Reservation, Luxury Transport Arrangements base on the requirement of the customer for these types of tours.

nature tour sri lanka
Nature Tours

Through these types of Tours, customers will have an in-depth experience on the nature. It includes outdoor experience such as, photography, stargazing, camping, hiking, visiting parks, trekking and so on which will lead the visitor to gain rich natural bio diversity of the island. As a socially responsible team we hope these types of tours will support in improving the welfare of the local people.

Group Tours

Yaka travels is expert in arranging Group Tours where customers do not require to search for the transport, foods, accommodation & specially the destinations. Customers do not require to do research in identifying best itinerary since we have tried & tested most of the destinations all around the island. There will be Group Discounts on activities, food and drinks. Not only that but also one of the best advantages of Group Tours are finding instant friends with mostly the same interests.

Ayurvedic Tours

These help people to strengthen the immune system by treating the body, mind, and spirit of a person entity. It concerns the unique healing practices accepted in Buddhist philosophy as well as in other religions. Sri Lanka will provide tailor made Ayurvedic Tours with yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities in luxurious Ayurvedic Resort. We, Yaka Travels will make sure that our customer will be experience the best natural Ayurvedic treatments


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